Steel Shop Drawings Services

Over the years in the business, we boat about serving our innovative Steel Shop Drawing services to clients residing in different corners of the world, including Canada, Australia, USA, South Africa, New Zealand, UAE, and more.

Matzen Solution specializes in offering high-quality and extremely creative CAD drafting production to the clientele. We provide end to end project services that represent the foundation of Structural Steel Detailing services to contractors, steel fabricators, steel erectors, engineers, and other positions associated with the construction industry.

Along with skilled and trained people in the team, we can, very proficiently, transform your documents and hand sketches into alluring shop drawings. At Matzen Solutions, detailers have been trained enough to pay extra attention to miscellaneous Steel Structural Detailing, such as Steel Beam Detailing, Joist Detailing, Steel Gate Detailing, and more.

Furthermore, our team utilizes specific and advanced CAD software for such kind of detailing work. Therefore, without any second doubt, you can ensure that our Steel Detailing, Drafting, and Building Design services are among the best available in the market.

Our Structural Steel Shop Drawings are adequate for educational, healthcare, government, commercial, and industrial domains. As leaders of the industry, we use structural software to make interface competent enough with steel fabricators’ systems. This, in turn, saves a lot of money as well as the time for our clients.

Structural Steel Detailing at Matzen Solutions:

Structural Steel Detailing is a process of translating engineering/ contract/design drawings into shop drawings. At Matzen Solutions, our primary aim is to offer our most precise and inexpensive Shop & Field Drawings to our clients.

Here, we have Steel Detailing professionals who carry years of experience and skills in structural steel detailing as well as architectural industry.

Drafting skills, logic, mathematics (including trigonometry & geometry), reasoning, communication, and spatial visualization are some of the prerequisites for Structural steel detailing. And with us, you will find everything required. We have years of rigorous experience in industrial and commercial projects.

We can easily help you create comprehensive detail drawings for stairs & rails, structural steel, bridge projects, industrial projects, and several other miscellaneous items.

Steel Shop Drawing Services at Matzen Solutions:

With us, you can procure the following services:

  • Erection drawings
  • Shop drawings (steel canopy, steel stairs, staircase handrail, steel carport, steep grating detailing & more)
  • 2D drawings with latest and advanced CAD software
  • Advanced bill of materials
  • Miscellaneous steel detailing
  • Bill of materials for steel shop drawings
  • Working drawings for structures
  • Connections steel detailing (example: beam-column connections, beam-beam connections, beam-slab connections, column-slab connections, column-foundation connections, steel framing plans, and more)
  • Single part drawings
  • Part lists
  • Bolt lists
  • Reports

Formats & File Extensions:

At Matzen Solutions, you can easily attain steel detailing drawings and structural fabrication drawings available in the following file extensions and formats.
  • .DWG format
  • .DXF formats
  • .DWF formats
  • .PDF formats
  • .CNC files
  • .NC files
  • Fabtrol KISS files

Structural Erection Drawings:

When it comes to guiding the steel erector on the site of construction as to how and where to erect the members of fabricated steel, that’s the time when Erection drawings come into the picture. Usually, these drawings are used to show plans of dimensions to discover the steel members.

Not just that, but these drawings even show the details with precise requirements and information, including the work that has to be done on the field, such as welding, bolting, installing wedge anchors, and more.

These Erection drawings, generally, comprise less detailed information regarding the fabrication of steel members just because such drawings are meant to be used in the field. Therefore, it is essential to complete the members before starting the use of erection drawings.

General details that such drawings include are architectural references, dimensioning, perimeter construction, etc. These drawings even include notes, such as designations, part numbers, installation, fabrication, and more.

Structural Steel Shop Drawings:

In the present times, outsourcing CAD has become one of the most considerable practices for management. Although the opportunity to decrease the cost dominate the offshore outsourcing of this service, there are several other reasons that are considered as well.

Not just we are here to provide you services at reliable prices, but we even offer value-added outcome by enhancing quality and productivity. At Matzen Solutions, with Structural Steel Detailing services, you can expect striking designs, superior detailing, and structural drawings done by the latest computer design software.

We commit to providing you innovative solutions just within your budget and provided a timeline.

Structural Shop Drawings in Reinforced Concrete Structures:

At Matzen Solutions, you can expect professional and skilled CAD Shop Drawings for the Structures in reinforced concrete. Out of many other things, concrete reinforcing is such a part that demands precise shop drawings for material fabrication.

Exclusively, concrete reinforcing is manufactured from invigorating bars that are generally 60-foot in length. These bars are bowed to a specific angle arrangement and cut to length. The shop drawing, along with the cut sheet, records the sizes, amount, state, and lengths of the reinforcing bar.

And then, such data is provided to survey by the designer to ensure that appropriate reinforcing is offered. High-quality shop drawings document every bit of detailed requirement of parameters design and are generally utilized by project managers for take-offs, material ordering, installation, fabrication, as well as erection.

Here, our every fabricator works with his unique and different style for cut sheets and shop drawings, depended upon the computer software & framework. Our team and professional members come with an extensive experience and amazing skills to provide Structural Steel shop drawings as well as Structural Steel fabrication drawings to factories, offices, hospitals, shopping malls, and more.

We work to provide value-added services and to build a strong and vibrant business relationship with each of our client. A relationship built on loyalty and trust is what we intend to have.

Why Choose Matzen Solution?

There is no denying the fact that there are innumerable service providers of steel shop drawings, so why should you choose us? Here are some of the reasons that might help you make the right decision.

Skilled & experienced CAD services:

With an amazing team to be proud of, with Matzen Solutions, all you are going to get is experience, skill, and proficiency when it comes to business services.

English proficiency:

In today’s time, businesses demand proficiency in English – both written and communicative. Therefore, with us, that’s exactly what you are going to get.

Focus on foundation business requirements:

Our team is fully well-versed in how to tackle clients. Hence, you wouldn’t have to take stress when it comes to putting your requirements in the front. Trust us, we don’t work without giving your requirements the deserved attention.

Fully-layered drawings made upon your customized layering guidelines:

Before starting the project, our team is going to have a communication with you to understand your perspective on the project. Only then we begin to accomplish your goals.

Prompt and reliable communication:

Along with timely services, we even provide quick communication services. So, in case you may have any doubt or query, we make sure that is resolved well-within the time.

Custom made process to suit different project requirements:

We understand that different businesses have different requirements. Therefore, we put only such result in front that would suit your business needs perfectly.

A dedicated team of managers to provide support for a long time:

We are here to build relationships. Hence, to do so, we make sure that our behavior is up-to-the-mark so that you can stay with us for a longer period of time.

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