Rebar Detailing Services

All around the globe, in the cities of USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, and the UK, Matzen Solution has its reach and provides a high quality of Rebar Estimating and Steel Detailing services. Not just that, but slowly and gradually, we are expanding to other countries as well.

Over the years, we have, fortunately, gathered extremely helpful and profound knowledge in the international market of the construction industry. And, with experience and skills, we commit to spreading it all around. As a result, we come up with several presentations and training programs in the company to encourage the Rebar Detailing and Estimation services value.

With the primary purpose of establishing a trustworthy long-term business relationship with clients across the globe, we, at Matzen Solutions, infuse life into the vision of architects, owners, and builders by providing such solutions that attain specific goals in terms of challenges and cost.

Being available for you 24/7, we make sure that our knowledgeable team provides you the best result even when the schedule is tight, and projects are more.

Rebar Shop Drawing Services at Matzen Solutions

Here, you can take up the following services:
  • Rebar shop drawings
  • Rebar estimation
  • Rebar placement drawings
  • Bar bending schedules for beams, slabs, foundations, columns, walls, and several other structural aspects
  • Beams and columns drawings
  • Concrete joint and slab detailing
  • Retaining walls detailing
  • Foundation detailing

Who can take up our services?

Over the period of time, since we are in the business, we’ve been serving different types of clients from varied domains. Or Rebar Shop Drawing services work for:

Commercial Projects

  • High rise buildings
  • Supermalls
  • Residential villas
  • Public utility buildings
  • University buildings & educational buildings
  • Very large commercial buildings

Infrastructure Projects:

  • Bridges
  • Road structures
  • Highways
  • Water treatment plans

Outsourcing Rebar Shop Drawing Services

As clear as it might be, rebar is nothing but a steel bar, built with steel and strengthened with a concrete structure. Therefore, rebar detailing includes preparing placement drawings or shop drawings of steel strengthened for construction.

Generally, every structure comes with pre-defined limitations in terms of shaping and length. Hence, to attain a concrete structure economically, it is essential to understand the configurations of the bar.

Whether you are coming up with a small residential or a massive commercial project, we make sure a positive result from our services of rebar detailing. Along with quick approvals and quicker turnaround time, our professional and skilled detailing staff makes sure that the outcome is nothing but accurate.

Here, at Matzen Solutions, show drawings are generated by rebar detailers to place the reinforced steel. Being competent enough to deliver cost-effective and timely rebar estimating and detailing services, we are gradually spreading our wings all around the world.

For those who are looking for high-quality and reliable rebar detailing services at inexpensive prices, outsourcing to Matzen Solutions would probably be the best choice. Equipped with state-of-the-art CAD technologies and tools, our team knows how to deliver projects just in time.

As per the country standards, our intention is to serve specific and qualitative services by bringing the best resources to use. Our staff is trained enough to collaborate with clients to understand their requirements in detail and prepare drawings consequently that can make their business thrive and stand apart.

Benefits of our Rebar Shop Drawing Services

With Matzen Solutions, you get to avail following benefits, such as:

Latest & Advanced CAD Technology:

Keeping the changing and evolving requirements in mind, we make use of latest and advanced rebar technology to come out with the best output.

On-time Delivery:

Having an experience of handling several projects in limited time-span, meeting deadlines isn’t a hassle for us. Therefore, we can deliver rebar drawing services within the set time period.

Skilled Resources:

Within the time span of years, we have curated a skilled and experienced team we are proud of. Therefore, with us, you can always ensure utmost support and quality work.

Prompt Customer Support:

Not just we think of our customers, but we even ensure that you get to please yours. Therefore, we make sure that you have our customer support from the beginning until the end. And then, we enhance it with quick turnaround time and timely delivery.

Customized Process of Project:

Although we have been working with innumerable clients, from varied domains in the world, however, one thing that makes us stand apart from the rest of them is the customization process. Regardless of your requirements, our team is trained enough to provide customized solutions instantly.

Rebar Estimation Services

When it comes to Rebar Estimation, surely, it is quite detail-oriented and specific work. One of the most essential factors in estimating is to understand the prerequisites to build within the given time frame. To execute the Rebar Estimation process accurately, the experience is necessary. And hence, our experienced team of rebar estimators can easily estimate your requirements and can help you with comprehensive services accordingly.

Once we have completed the process of taking accurate quantities, then we proceed with analysis and determining equipment, crew size, and a realistic deadline to complete the project. With our Rebar Estimation services, you can ensure that the project is going to be completed within the minimum possible cost, decreased space of storage at the location, and less time schedule.

How Does Our Estimating Process Work?

Here is what all it includes:
  • We define the purpose of estimation and gather information along with data
  • We identify assumptions and rules to assess the approach of estimation
  • We precisely take necessary materials for the contract according to the specifications
  • We then find out the estimated cost of equipment and labor
  • We work closely with the client for the prediction of progress rate and completion rate
  • Once done, we then calculate the final amount, keeping in mind adjustments done throughout the process

Things You Should Remember About Rebar Shop Drawings:

If you are looking for Rebar Shop Drawing services, there are quite a few essential factors that you must know. These factors make sure that you are on the right path and aren’t going to compromise with the quality of drawings. Here are some of the essential factors:

Availability of 2D & 3D Drawings:

To begin the process, you must make a decision whether you want 2D drawings or 3D ones. Just so you should know, both of them come with their own benefits and drawbacks. The one you should be selecting must depend on your purpose behind getting them made. If you are stuck, you may begin with 3D drawings to have an in-depth detailed concept. If not, you can even go with 2D drawings that can be later converted into 3D ones as per your requirements.

Comprehensive Reports:

You must know that you can now get printed reports just within the drawings to obtain every essential detail along with the schedule and the bar weight. When it is about project management, such kinds of reports can truly turn the table.

Getting Explanations:

It is quite obvious that contractors would come up with several questions throughout the process of drawing work. For your convenience, you can take up the annotations that come with different objects and make sure that the work isn’t happening upon assumptions.

You can Include Accessories:

The CAD program that is used to create Rebar Shop Drawings, comprises an extensive range of wire mesh, couplers, and several other bar accessories. They make sure that every component that is being used for your project is there within the drawing for a reason.

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